The Prance Trust

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Special offer: Weekends, September 21st and October 6th

The Prance Family have owned the property since the 1870s. They lived in Hampstead and used it as a country retreat to relax and enjoy life away from the bustle of London.

It was a different era.

At the turn of the last century, Reginald Prance, who was a ‘Jobber’ in the City, would enjoy a weekend’s hunting at Middle Stanley. Monday, he would catch the train at the bottom of the drive and head back to London.

It eventually became the home of William Prance, Finella’s father. He was an old fashioned gentleman farmer. He rode every day, hunted and generally enjoyed life to the full.

The farm has, therefore, always had a special atmosphere. Never a standard bearer for cutting edge technology, it has remained a time piece, full of good memories, a place to enjoy life in a relaxed atmosphere.

It was with this in mind that we decided that the best way forward was to let others enjoy its unique qualities.

We started with just a four bedroom cottage and a prayer. We now are able to sleep up to 28 guests. The land, the lake and views are stunning. The Cotswold stone buildings beautifully restored. The unique Havana Club has proved to be somewhat of a star attraction.

We have developed with our customers and we continue to do so. Our aim is always, that you have a great time and leave Middle Stanley on a Monday morning with fantastic memories.


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